Wedding Planning Tips

What’s that we hear? Wedding Bells! When it comes to your big day, you are sure to get more advice then you can handle, so why not take a few tips from the party crew that attends weddings all year? Yager Entertainment in Orlando, FL has lots of Wedding Planning tips and tricks to make your wedding not only fun and romantic but keep it in budget!Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips:

  1. Do you want a big or small wedding? A few things to consider are: What is your budget? Will this be a family event? Determining a few of things right off the bat will help you decide if you want a small intimate wedding with just family or you are ready to blow the roof off with the part of the year.
  2. What is the budget? Everyone wants a nice wedding but you want to start your life with your new partner off right and not with the stress of a huge financial debt. It’s a great idea to find out ahead of time if parents will be pitching in for different parts of the ceremony and reception to offset some of your costs.
  3. What Venue? The best thing to do is visit a few to see what feels right for your theme and style then narrow it down from there.
  4. What Food? Wedding guests go to a wedding for several reasons but one of the top ones is the food! It’s a great idea to put together a fun menu with delicious and fresh options that will satisfy a large group of people. Even you and your mate really love sushi, you might plan on that for the honeymoon and leave more traditional foods for the wedding.
  5. Entertainment? When it comes to entertainment, take some tips from the professionals. The party crew at Jaeger entertainment knows a thing or two about keeping the party going at your wedding and reception. The first thing you need to consider is the music. A Wedding DJ will be money well spent, your guess will love dancing to the music! Contact us today to learn more.
  6. Honeymoon? Whether you decide to stay local or go on a lavish overseas honeymoon, it’s important for couples to have that time after the wedding for their honeymoon. Check out the Best Places to Honeymoon!

We Love Helping WIth Weddings!Wedding Planning Tips

If you are in need of Wedding Coordination for a team of experts, Yager Entertainment can help. You will love our attention to detail and confidence when planning the details of your big event. We assist with the rehearsal dinner as well as the day of the wedding events. We ensure there is no confusion. Check out our FAQ or Contact us today to learn more.